Chiropractic and Pregnancy in Palm Harbor

Chiropractic and Pregnancy in Palm Harbor

Chiropractic Palm Harbor FL Pregnancy

Are you looking for chiropractic pregnancy care in Palm Harbor? Our team at Ignite Chiropractic & Wellness can help you today!

Chiropractic Care during pregnancy in palm harbor

When most people think of chiropractic, neck pain or back pain comes to mind. However, if you've been following our articles and Facebook videos you already know chiropractic can help with so much more. So, this week I want to highlight how chiropractic can play an important role during pregnancy.

For 9 months a pregnant women's body is constantly undergoing changes for the fetus to develop properly. These changes range for weight gain and belly expansion to hormonal and mood changes. Guess what part of the body is responsible for all these vital transformations... The BRAIN! And how does the brain send messages to the body... through the nervous system! This is why it's so important to not have any interference of the nervous system. With chiropractic care in Palm Harbor we are able to remove these interferences and allow the brain and body to communicate properly.

There's actually a specific chiropractic technique for pregnant women called Webster's technique. This technique helps analyze the pelvis in a safe way without using x-rays, so that a specific adjustment to the pelvic area can be done. Also, the Webster technique involves soft tissue work to balance the pelvis. Due to the improved pelvic balance and increased brain-body communication that is attained through this technique it has become a popular method for breached babies. As it allows the baby enough room to naturally move into an optimal position for delivery.

Not only does chiropractic care help with the position of the fetus, but it also may reduce labor time and the need of medical intervention during delivery which may cause trauma to the baby.

Other benefits that chiropractic care can provide is greater comfort during pregnancy and relief from neck pain, back pain and sciatic pain, without the use of medications. And most importantly assisting in the delivery of a healthy baby.

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