How Do We Get from Acute to Chronic Conditions in Palm Harbor FL?

How Do We Get from Acute to Chronic Conditions in Palm Harbor FL?

Chiropractic Palm Harbor FL Acute to Chronic Conditions

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Acute to chronic conditions in palm harbor FL

Recently our family took a mini-weekend vacation to some local springs. To truly enjoy the experience we rented a boat so the kids could get up close and personal with manatees and dive into the springs. We all had a blast in the freezing spring fed waterways. As the day ended, we were returning the boat to the marina, I reached out to grab the wooden post to tie off the boat at the dock. I quickly felt a splinter go into my finger. It caused a pinch and some immediate discomfort (some might even call it pain). Now, a splinter is no life-threatening situation, I will say this was a rather large splinter. At the marina I was unable to get the piece of wood out of my finger, so I let it be until I got home later that evening. The whole trip home it was not painful, but it certainly was nagging anytime I would grab something, when I would turn the steering wheel, when I would grab my wallet out of my pocket, there was the splinter. Nothing life threatening, but the annoying reminder was constant. We finally get home and I pull out the tweezers and get to work trying to get the splinter out. Unfortunately, it had been driven too deep and I was unsuccessful in removing it. So, I did the next best thing nothing, I just dealt with the small annoyance and figured it would resolve itself.

A few days later my finger began to turn red, it began to swell a bit and it went from a small annoyance to very tender and even painful at times. This pattern continued until my finger was tight from inflammation and very painful. I finally went to the doctor and they look at it and said "yep, that is a pretty good infection you got". Next thing I know they ordered antibiotics for the infection and pain medication for the discomfort. A few more days go by and it seemed to be on the mend. When the antibiotics ran out I had a few "good days" with no pain. Then one morning I wake up and my finger had doubled in size, the doctor could not get me in until the next day. That evening my finger was so painful, I began to feel lightheaded nauseous and unwell. I decided to go to the hospital and found out that my finger infection has now spread to my blood and I was going to need major interventions to control it. My kidneys ended up being affected from the infection and now I need to be on high powered antibiotics and kidney medication to help regulate my kidney function...all this from a splinter.

The truth is...when I got home that first evening, I was able to get the splinter out and the rest of the story I made up. Yes, it took a while, it was painful digging in and removing the splinter. But the reality is that if we do not take care of acute conditions properly (splinters), this is how chronic conditions occur. Chronic conditions are typically caused by the mismanagement of acute conditions. In my splinter example, it's easy to see the cause-the splinter. By not removing the splinter you can see all the potential effects of just managing symptoms and not treating causes. This is why we never treat symptoms and we will always search for causes at Ignite Chiropractic & Wellness in Palm Harbor FL. You might ask, "how does this apply to me?" Do you have blood pressure issues, high cholesterol, acid reflux, sleeping issues, headaches, numbness/tingling, back pain...the list goes on. These are all potential splinters that need to be dealt with properly if you want to avoid major chronic conditions later. Our system is set up to manage pain and cover up symptoms of small splinters to make you "feel better", but ultimately this does not build health in our bodies. This miss management is what has led to the massive amount of chronic conditions we see in our society. And once we have a chronic condition, what are we taught to do with that? Manage it some more with different and more powerful drugs.

The answer is to find the splinter remove it and allow the body the time necessary to heal and function the way it was intended. Spinal adjustment is a great starting point when it comes to taking care of your body and begin your healing journey. Add great nutrition, proper movement, detoxification and a better mindset and now you can properly treat causes and no longer manage splinters.

Max Blessings,

Dr. Raul Serrano