Are You Willing To Gamble Your Health?

Are You Willing To Gamble Your Health?

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When it comes to buying a car, buying a home, or buying a vacation package, we scour the internet for the best locations, deals, and the best services. You see no one wants to get hosed on a car, a house, or a vacation…so we put the time in and do our research. But when it comes to our health, why so often do we leave it up to chance? We gamble by jumping on the latest trend or following the myths that have been passed down by our previous generations. We end up trusting the media, our government, our neighbors and even pharmaceutical ads for what is best when it comes to our health. We put our faith in a system which has been failing for years, yet we buy, we trust, and we go with what “they” say without asking too many questions. Essentially, we gamble with our health and wonder why we are so sick in America. Over the next few newsletters we will discuss some of the biggest myths propagated by our healthcare system and give you solutions on how to keep yourself and your family healthy…Let’s go!

Myth # 1 – I feel good, so I must be healthy…LIE

Fact – Taking Tylenol, Advil, Zoloft, Prozac, Paxil all of these and many more may make you “feel good”, but these medications will never increase health in your body.  Just “feeling good” does not equal health and it is one of the biggest lies we are sold. We are sold the lie, to not worry about our health until you have symptoms, until you feel ill, until you are not sleeping, until disease is present. Sadly, by the time you have, feel, and can point out the “until”, disease has already been building in your body for years. Most major diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, auto-immune conditions, etc. have little to no symptoms for years before you have the first signs of the disease. Right now, you can be feeling great and have cholesterol issues, high blood pressure, sugar problems, hormone imbalances, dysbiosis and a host of other dysfunctions, yet you “feel fine”. This is exactly why our focus is not on how you feel, our focus is on something bigger, something better, and something that, regardless of what disease you plug into the equation, can help you and your family live healthier more vibrant lives. Our focus is function.

Function = Health

We do everything possible to increase the function of the body and our primary source of increasing function in the body is the brain and nervous system. All function, all healing, and every process of the body is controlled by this amazing structure and if we maintain it, it will maintain us.

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