The Innate Power Within

The Innate Power Within


When two cells come together, one from a male and one from a female, a little miracle begins to develop. Day by day these cells multiple and begin forming an embryo. And from two cells to nine months later we end up with a fully developed new born baby with billions of cells. It has always fascinated me that this amazing process all takes place inside of a mother’s womb, and we have nothing to do with the process. Whether the mother knows it or not, whether she takes care of herself or not, it does not stop the God given internal wisdom in the little miracle from doing its’ job. This innate intelligence is inside each of us, it knew how to build your heart, your two lungs, your legs, your arms, ears, nose, eyes, skin…you get the point.

What has always intrigued me is that we have this innate wisdom that will develop (and if left alone will also birth) a healthy baby. Yet, as soon as this little miracle is born our culture teaches us that we need to intervene if we are to keep this baby healthy and well. Really? It is as if at birth God either takes away the wisdom that made the child (which He doesn’t) or somehow, He forgot some key ingredients during the process. So, the poking and prodding begins. At birth we give the child a vitamin K shot (somehow God forgot we needed more of that), we give them a Hep B immunization, because the new born might be exposed to a sexually transmitted disease. We make sure within the first year we have their little bodies dosed up with up to 18 or more immunizations, and the list of interventions grows as we age from frequent antibiotics, to daily medications. Some of these to bring our moods up, some to bring it down, some to keeps us focus, and others to relax us, the list is endless.

The power is in you and it's always working for you

You were given a gift on day one, and the gift is still in you today. Know it, believe it, work with it and not against it, and you just might be surprised on what that gift can really do for you.   What is going on? Is all of this really necessary? This is the question we need to ask ourselves. It is time to stop following the masses and start asking questions. It is time to stop aimlessly following a sick care system that has only made us sicker over time. It is time for us to begin to taking control of our health. And we do that by trusting in the power that made the body, that power that has been inside of you since day one. That power that works day and night to keep you alive, the power that heals your wounds and keeps going. The power is in you and it’s always working for you. Your job is to trust it and to continually find ways to remove the obstacles interfering with that amazing healing power. Your adjustments, your nutrition, your thoughts are ways that you can work on removing the obstructions to your healing process.


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