The Power of An Adjustment

The Power of An Adjustment

Patient Adjustment

At Ignite Chiropractic & Wellness in Palm Harbor, there are many posters and visuals on the walls to help give information and guidance. Most of you, if you’ve been doing your exercise after you get adjusted, have seen the specific poster above the exercise equipment. You probably gave it glance and thought to yourself, “What in the world?”, and turned around to watch the kid’s movie that is playing. I don’t blame you, I love them too! However, that chart wasn’t randomly put there to decorate the wall. It’s there to remind you of how powerful that adjustment you just had was and how your mind and body is immediately being affected by it.

So here is a simplified explanation of what this poster is trying to show. Subluxation, which is a misalignment of the spine, is caused by emotional thoughts (stress, negativity, depression, etc.), physical traumas (car accidents, falls, bad posture, repetitive actions, etc.) and chemical toxins (household cleaning products, pesticides, meds, etc.). Subluxation causes abnormal spinal mechanics or lack of motion in the spine which creates disturbances in the nervous system by impairing the communication directly to layer seven in the spinal cord.

What is layer seven? I am so glad you asked! Layer seven is a group of neurons within the spinal cord that receives and sends information to and from the bodies’ organs. Also, the sympathetic (fight or flight response) and parasympathetic (rest and digest response) neurons are within this seventh layer. Basically, the seventh layer is incredibly important to the overall function of your body. Now back to our story, this disturbance then goes from layer seven to the sympathetic chain ganglia and affects a host of things there as well as up the spinal cord into the upper brain centers for the body to process. To keep this short, all the words within the blue boarders are areas of the brain and body that are affected and the words in red are the symptoms that are caused when those areas are affected by a subluxation.

Benefits of Chiropractic in Palm Harbor FL

The good news is every time you get adjusted the health of your entire body is affected. Every adjustment affects the hypothalamus via the seventh layer of the spinal cord, which is technically one of the most important and vital parts of your brain. And get this, the spine is the only direct influence on the hypothalamus in the entire body! A bad spine negatively and directly affects all stress hormones in the body. After an adjustment it is clear that the brain will immediately begin to inhibit the sympathetic dominant state and start into a parasympathetic state, in other words the stress hormones begin to be reduced which sets off a cascade of positive effects within the body. Pretty amazing isn’t it?

"Every adjustment affects the hypothalamus via the seventh layer of the spinal cord, which is technically one of the most important and vital parts of your brain."

Here are some incredible benefits to your adjustment that you just got:

  • Normalizing Blood Pressure
  • Mood and Attention Improvement
  • Blood Glucose efficiency– decreases insulin resistance
  • Improvements and/or Reversal of neurodegenerative brain physiology (HUGE!)
  • Epigenetic Changes – this changes fertility and short & long term offspring physiology
  • Increase ATP – which is a “game-changer” for many reasons
  • Telomere shortening – one of GREATEST “anti-aging” strategies in health today
  • Heart Disease – #1 contributor to heart disease in men and women is increased sustained sympathetic tone
  • Immune System – Radically affects the immune system.
  • Increases mobility and reduces Spinal Degeneration – degeneration shown to set in within 10-14 days with reduced mobility.
  • 5x better at musculoskeletal pain reduction than celebrex and vioxx combined.
  • Chiropractic was also shown to improve muscle strength, stability, and fatigue more in one session than 3 weeks of weight training!

So next time you are doing your post exercise check out the chart and think of all those positive changes that are happening inside you right then and there!

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