Pre-Travel Immune Boosting Protocol

Pre-Travel Immune Boosting Protocol


With summer coming to a close, many of you have already packed the back packs and loaded the kids on the school bus. (Do I hear a cheer?) For others, you are squeezing in one last trip before heading into the school year. Whether on a plane or entering the classroom, it’s critical that we equip our immune systems for some intense battle.

When traveling your body is bombarded with radiation, increased stress, and contact with new viruses and bacteria. Add these factors to a change in our daily routine, including sleep loss and changes in nutrition, and you’ve got a recipe for illness. When your body’s immune system decreases you become susceptible to invaders. I often travel throughout the year and there is a specific plan that my family and I follow to make sure we don’t bring home more than souvenirs. The following is my pre-travel protocol that I consistently use to boost my immune system in preparation for travel. Better yet, it’s a a perfect recipe for your kiddos to begin during the first few weeks of school!

Pre-Travel Immune Boosting Protocol

3-Days Prior to Travel:

  • Maximized Living Vitamin D +Probiotics – D3 and Probiotics increase immune system response
  • Vitamin C – Vital antioxidant that limits the damage of free radicals.
  • Zinc – A mineral that participates directly in the activity of over 300 enzymes.
  • Extra Adjustments – Spinal adjustment to the thoracic spine have been shown to boost immune function.
  • Bone Broth – This super food is packed full of nutrients, gelatin, and glycine. All of which assist the body in detoxification and healing.
  • Increase Water Intake – A body that is dehydrated can not function properly.

This protocol is above and beyond my typical daily routine.

Many let there environment dictate outcomes. Choose to strengthen your body for the future.

-Dr. Raul Serrano


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