Do You Want To Train Like An Astronaut?

Do You Want To Train Like An Astronaut?

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No need to go to Kennedy Space Center, you can do it here in the office. What am I talking about? The new vibration plates! Yes, those black platforms in the back that everyone’s been asking about. However, vibration plates are nothing new. They’ve been around since 1960 when the Soviet scientists developed them to help train astronauts for space travel. By training on the vibration plates Soviet astronauts were able to spend 400 days in space compared to American astronauts that could only stay 130 days in space. The Soviet researchers found that vibration training prevents bone and muscle loss which are both a result of spending time in a zero-gravity environment. Most likely you aren’t going to space anytime soon, so how does this apply to you.

Vibration Plates Use 95-97% of your muscle fibers, making the more work beneficial!

Well, it makes your post adjustment exercise much more effective. The vibration plates we have in the office vibrate 30 times per second causing your muscles to contract and relax at an accelerated rate. On top of that, with whole-body vibration we can stimulate those deep postural muscles and stabilizing muscles that are hard to recruit. Which are the exact muscles that help maintain a good posture! On average when someone is exercising, they use 40% of their muscle fibers per muscle at any time. With vibration training that percentage goes up to 95%-97%! I think you get the picture.

Here are some other benefits whole-body vibration may have

  1. Increased circulation
  2. Reduce joint pain
  3. Increased flexibility
  4. Range of motion
  5. Improve balance
  6. Increase bone density.

So, after your adjustment at Ignite Chiropractic & Wellness in Palm Harbor, don’t forget to do your post-exercise and think of all the benefits you are getting.

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