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Chiropractor Raul Serrano D.C.

Chiropractor Palm Harbor FL Raul Serrano

My friends and family say I have two speeds: "go" and "sleep". There is no in between. My wife has grown to love my fast-paced days and the fact that I fall asleep in less time than it takes her to turn off the lights ("47 seconds" she counted). I like to make the minutes in my life count. I start my days before the sun comes up. There is something special about preparing early in the morning with scripture, prayer, and a little sweat in my garage gym. I am part of the "5:00 a.m. club" as they say. Then and only then, am I fully ready to serve my God, my family, and my community. I live with a purpose and a passion for teaching people the true principles of health and healing.

We live in a society where our health care system is dominated by an outside-in mentality, where they preach a pill for every ill. The laws of health acknowledge that our bodies are amazingly designed and heal from the inside-out. While medications (outside-in) may relieve symptoms, more medications are NOT the answer to improving health and never gets to the root of the problem. The solution is to find the cause of dis-ease, remove it, and allow the body to do what it does best…HEAL! As a chiropractic doctor armed with this truth, I will never stop teaching the masses about the cause of dis-ease and the simple steps they can take to allow their bodies to heal from the inside-out as was intended.

Diving a bit deeper… After graduating from Palmer Chiropractic College in 2008, I worked as a partner at Westchase Chiropractic in Tampa. In a few short years we built one of the busiest wellness clinics in Tampa, consistently seeing over 600 patient visits per week. At this time God birthed a vision in my heart that every community should have a place where people can come to find hope, healing, and restoration. Through our state-of-the-art Ignite clinics, I aspire to give people HOPE through education and empowerment, HEALING by offering the latest available resources/tools on health, and RESTORATION by always pointing to the one who can truly heal and restore, Jesus Christ. As soon as you meet me you will be able to tell that I truly love what I do. When you visit our office you will see patients of every generation, from new babies to grandmas. It's a place where families come to get healthy together. It's not uncommon to see my own family in the waiting room and my four beautiful kiddos, Adriana, Aria, Atlas and Asa jumping onto the adjusting table to have their power turned on. By empowering families to adapt healthier lifestyles, I know we can change the landscape of health care for our future generations and that is our plan.


Chiropractor Palm Harbor FL Gigi VandorosDr. Gigi was born in Concord, New Hampshire but lived most of her life in Kefalonia; one of Greece's many islands. In 2013 she returned to America in pursuit of a career in dental technology, which she has a bachelor's degree. However, her plans changed when her mother had a severe back injury. She was introduced to a new field - Chiropractic. She was instantly fascinated with everything it encompassed. Something so simple as an adjustment had the power to transform her mother's life and inevitably her entire family for the better. Chiropractic care allowed her mom to return to her pain free life where she was able to continue gardening and being as active as she was prior to her injury. A status that other doctors had denied as ever being possible again.

This new passion for an alternative approach to healing led her to Port Orange, Florida where she attended Palmer College of Chiropractic. It was there she graduated, with honors, in 2017. During her time at Palmer, Dr. Gigi participated in various mission trips serving kids in need of care. This sparked another passion which was to help treat children. So, she became certified in Webster Technique for the prenatal population and is in the process of completing a two-year certification program through the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics to further her education in chiropractic for children. Some months before graduation, she interned at Ignite Chiropractic & Wellness. She felt from the start that this office was different and wanted to join our team. Her passion is to serve, educate, empower and give hope to her new community here in Pinellas County. When she's not helping others with their health, she loves to explore parks with her Standard Poodle Oliver, travel, learn new hobbies and enjoy time with loved ones.


Chiropractic Palm Harbor FL Laura BakerLaura is originally from California and relocated to Florida in 2014. She received her bachelor's degree in Organizational Management from the University of La Verne. She joined our team a year after her family started care. They each individually saw such incredible changes she wanted to share the chiropractic principle. She is passionate about helping families and patients with children come to an understanding of the amazing healing potential of the body and the changes that occur when individuals successfully implement chiropractic care as a part of their family healthcare regiment.


Chiropractic Palm Harbor FL Deandra EdmondsDeandra recently moved to Florida from Massachusetts on her journey to live a happy and healthy, but FUN, lifestyle. Working at Ignite Chiropractic & Wellness has helped her understand the true meaning of health. So much so, she's returning to school in the hopes of going to chiropractic college in the future. Deandra is passionate about connecting with patients and helping them in their own health journey.


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