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Pregnant woman and her daughter touching her belly

Pregnancy Chiropractic in Palm Harbor

When it comes to the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy, Ignite Chiropractic & Wellness goes beyond the surface. The essential but somewhat expected results of less discomfort and pain throughout the pregnancy are emphasized. But our doctors go deeper, explaining and prioritizing the baby’s development as a primary element of your chiropractic care during pregnancy.

If the mom’s nervous system is under strain or stress, then we know that the baby is developing in a suboptimal environment. Subluxations and straining of the pelvis and ligaments as pregnancy progresses can cause positioning issues with the baby, affecting the timing of the delivery and making the delivery process more difficult overall.
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Without prenatal chiropractic care, women are at increased risk for the baby ending up sideways, breech, or posterior at birth. Pregnancy can also compress the spine, leading to aggravation of existing back pains or sciatica. Avoid these issues by ensuring your body is aligned throughout pregnancy by coming in for chiropractic care.

You Can Relax When You See Us

Give yourself and your baby an advantage during pregnancy by coming in for chiropractic care, starting at our Palm Harbor location and transitioning to Trinity (if that location is more convenient for you).

Our doctors utilize the Webster Technique, a safe, low-force method of adjustments specifically for pregnant moms. You can lie facedown during adjustments because of our pregnancy pillows. For many moms, this is a perk they look forward to each visit.

How Often Should You See Us?

The number of visits a pregnant mom makes varies depending on the person and when care begins.

On average, a pregnant patient will come in to see us once a week or every other week. The frequency usually increases as the due date approaches.

Experience a Healthy Pregnancy Starting Today

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